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The Austin and Arthur Show

Feb 27, 2022

There are some things you experience in life that will stay with you forever.  In this episode, Austin and Arthur share their most memorable stories while in Japan.  Austin talks about his time bending the rules with uniforms as a high school student and drinking beer out of vending machines, while Arthur recalls when he say a small girl swallowed in the crowded riptide that is rush hour on the train.  Join us while we drink and fondly look back on our wild memories!


== About Austin and Arthur in Japan== 

We’re just two guys who have lived in Japan for a while and want to share our experiences.

Every week we get together, open a bottle of sake, and share our experiences living here uncensored.


If you want to get the real deal about being a foreigner in Japan, you’re going to love this.

About Arthur:

Born in Germany, Grew up in Boston, Schooled in Seattle. Started learning Japanese at 13 and just went with it. Loves Ukiyo-e and traditional Japanese culture.


About Austin:

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest United States. Former Marine, lover of onsen, gyoza, and adventuring into the wilderness. Has lived In Japan since 2017.