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The Austin and Arthur Show

May 8, 2023











== The Austin and Arthur Showについて ==










生まれも育ちもアメリカ北西部。元海兵隊員で、温泉と餃子と大自然への冒険をこよなく愛する。2017年より Japan在住。

#英語リスニング  #日米文化  #字幕なし

Male and female relationships are always complicated. Even more so when you cross borders as well. In this video Austin and Arthur talk a lot about what it’s like to be a man in Japan vs the USA, and how men and women interact differently.


They talked about male grooming practices, bears, chivalry, expectations in marriage and the workplace. 


Is it ok to socialize with people of the opposite sex when you’re in a committed relationship? Should you hold the door for someone else? They even went so far as to talk about different pacing while walking!


There’s a lot in this show, hope you enjoy it!

== About Austin and Arthur in Japan== 

We’re just two guys who have lived in Japan for a while and want to share our experiences.

Every week we get together, open a bottle of sake, and share our experiences living here uncensored.


If you want to get the real deal about being a foreigner in Japan, you’re going to love this.

About Arthur:

Born in Germany, Grew up in Boston, Schooled in Seattle. Started learning Japanese at 13 and just went with it. Loves Ukiyo-e and traditional Japanese culture.


About Austin:

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest United States. Former Marine, lover of onsen, gyoza, and adventuring into the wilderness. Has lived In Japan since 2017.

#japan #lifeinjapan